Preparing for VM practice

We are preparing the meetings in Czech languge with people who are interested in VM. The thema of our meetings is the anatomic basis of the internal organs. The meetings will be lead with the physiotherapist and anatomist in Czech language without any translation.

If you are interested, please, look at Czech version of this website where you can fill the application form.


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Upcoming courses

Advanced VM4 - NECK and THORAX in Prague

From 26. 11. 2019
To 28. 11. 2019

Aktuální kurzy

Current courses

Visceral manipulation 1 - in PRAGUE
Visceral manipulation 1 - in BRATISLAVA
Visceral manipulation 2 - in PRAGUE
Visceral manipulation 2 - BRATISLAVA
Visceral manipulation 3 - in PRAGUE
Visceral manipulation 4 - in PRAGUEAdvanced VM4 - NECK and THORAX in Prague Listening 1 course - in PRAGUENeural manipulation 1 - in PRAGUENeural manipulation 2 - in PRAGUENeural manipulation 3 - in PRAGUE

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