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Pierre Vey, DO
French instructor (osteopath) -
VM3 class in Prague (2018)
VM1, NM2, VM4 and ADVANCED THORAX classes in Prague (2019)
NM1 and NM3 classes in Prague (2020)
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Kåre Nielsen
In 1995 graduated from Københavns Fysioterapi Skole as physiotherapist
In 2006 graduated from International Academy of Osteopathy as osteopath, DO
Organiser and lecturer of courses for osteopaths and physiotherapists
Co-owner of the osteopathic clinic, Osteopati København
Director of Barral institut Denmark
Certified teacher of Visceral manipulation 1 and 2 for the Barral Institute
Member of the danish association of osteopaths; Danske Osteopater, M.R.O.DK

VM1 class in Prague (2018)
VM2 class in Prague (2019)

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Neural manipulation 2 - in PRAGUE

From 20. 04. 2021
To 22. 04. 2021

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WEBINAR VM and NM manipulationBarral Institute Study Group (SG)Visceral manipulation 1 - in PRAGUE
Visceral manipulation 1 - BRATISLAVA
Visceral manipulation 2 - in PRAGUE
Visceral manipulation 2 - BRATISLAVA
Visceral manipulation 3 - in PRAGUE
Visceral manipulation 4 - in PRAGUE
Advanced VM4 - NECK and THORAX in PRAGUE
Listening 1 course - in PRAGUE
Neural manipulation 1 - in PRAGUENeural manipulation 2 - in PRAGUENeural manipulation 3 - in PRAGUENeural manipulation 4 in PRAGUEViscerovascular 1 in PRAGUE

Mgr. Helena Toušková

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