Manual Thermal Evaluation (VM5)

Manual Thermal Evaluation and Introduction to VisceroEmotional (VM5) -

VM5 studies the use of Manual Thermal Evaluation to evaluate and improve organ functions.

Course Highlights:
Learn the use of Manual Thermal Evaluation to find restrictions and organ dysfunction in the body.
Review VM1-VM4 while learning topography of the organs and their manual thermal palpation.
Explore the synchronicity between the body and brain, and how that affects the health of a person.
Discover how the brain uses the internal organs to discharge and express excess energy (often of emotional origin) and how that affects structural integrity.
Learn specificity of working with structure and the emotions.
Practice working with energy loss, locating structural restrictions contributing to pain, and managing a therapeutic session.

Pre-requisite Workshop(s):
Visceral manipulation: The Thorax (VM4)

Advance Preparation:
To prepare for the course we suggest that you read Understanding the Messages of Your Body and Manual Thermal Evaluation by Jean Pierre Barral.


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