Visceral manipulation 1 - in PRAGUE

Start Date:
Tuesday 16.11.2021
Finish date:
Friday 19.11.2021
Last Revised:
Thursday, 27 May 2021
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12500 CZK per person


The instructor: Pierre Vey (French osteopath)

In VM1 course you will study the models and theories of functional biomechanics as viewed from Barral's innovative approach.

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The course will be taken in English with Czech translation!

The course will be opened with the minimum of 15 participants.
Please inform yourself about the actual number of participants at VM1 course.

Meeting side:
Prague 5 -

The price: 12.500 Czech crowns.
There are useful information for your bank transfer to abroad:
IBAN: CZ2820100000002401125460
Address of the bank:
Fio banka a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Address of the bank account owner:
Helena Toušková, Na Rokytce 1114/10, 180 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic

The price: 10.500 Czech crowns - only for previous participants of Barral VM1 courses. Please fill the application form and write into the notes that you are going to repeat the course.

The price of a study guide and refreshments (water/tea/coffee) during each day is included.

Cancellation fees for 2021:

The course fees for NM1, NM3 and VM1 courses must be paid in full until 30.9.2021. From 1.10. (including) and further the course fee is subjected to 100% cancellation of pre-paid and ordered services.
As a substitute to the each participant (in the terms of 100% cancellation) can be offered a place at the next event date according to the maximum capacity of the participants. The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail only after completing the application form below.

* The course fees for the courses organized in 2021 will not be accepted sooner than from January 2021. * The organizer of the educational event may postpone the date of the educational event and take place in an alternative date (no later than 12 months from the originally scheduled date). * The implementation of the course in the alternative date of performance applies to the following reasons - the state of emergency, closure of the borders of the Czech Republic and medical reasons confirmed by a doctor's certificate.

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Visceral manipulation 1 - in PRAGUE

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