Certified NM therapist

Neural Manipulation Certification Highlights

Tuition: $600 (included in NM Core-Pak)

Certified Neural Manipulation Practitioner covers NM1-NM4

Ensures a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and Neural Manipulation Therapy techniques.

Helps preserve the right of qualified healthcare professionals to practice Neural Manipulation.

Demonstrates your commitment to excellence and enhances your networking and referral status – establishes you as a dedicated professional with the highest standards of excellence.

Allows you to use the professional designation "CNMP" in your title.

Neural Manipulation Certification Level (CNMP)

To start your process to be a Certified Neural Techniques Practitioner:

1. Complete Certification Application.
2. Register for CNMP (add item CNMP to your shopping cart and complete the purchase), or call BI at 866-522-7725 or 561-868-6898.

  • Successfully complete an at-home objective exam that covers NM1-4.
  • Submit five (5) case write-ups to your examiner at the practical exam, following the required format. Case write-ups format, which can also be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Successfully complete a practical/oral/written exam with a Certified BI Examiner that tests your ability to understand and apply NM techniques from class levels NM1-4.

Note: Neural Manipulation Certification through the Barral Institute certifies a person's abilities in Neural Manipulation (NM). Since certification does not provide a legal right to practice, a person must have the appropriate credential and/or license to practice manual therapy in their locale.


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